Changelog DisEMBL™

Please check this regularly for notifications on bugs/fixes/news!

  • 29.09.03: Bug found/fixed in pipeline (on long sequences the results got truncated by 20 residues!)
  • 30.09.03: Bug found and fixed in webserver (the binary returned wrong scores on the second+ decimal)
  • 30.09.03: Version bumped to 1.3
  • 07.11.03: Pipeline supports lowercase sequences now...doh!
  • 27.11.03: Sequences shorter than smoothframe now supported.
  • 04.12.03: Initiated integration of Tango.
  • 12.01.04: Java applet added for viewing graphs. Smoothed scores no longer risk becoming negative.
  • 20.01.04: Fixed negative values returned by smoothing function in pipeline code. Please update
  • 30.03.04: New version of Java applet installed.
  • 26.04.04: Fixed crucial bugs in calculation of probabilities, affected webserver and pipeline. Please RERUN all sequences.
  • 20.08.04: Fixed problem in smoothing with sequences shorter than the smooth frame, pipeline+webinterface.
  • 16.02.06: Hack to fix broken swissprot 39.
  • 18.07.06: Moved to new webserver.
  • 04.12.17: Moved to new webserver (again). It was about time. :)