Intrinsic Protein Disorder Prediction 1.5

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SwissProt ID or AC:

(e.g. PRIO_HUMAN, P09429 or P37840)

Sequence (Amino acid single letter IUPAC code):

Algorithm Parameters:

Savitzky-Golay smoothing frame
Minimum peak width
Maximum join distance

Stringency values for different predictors:

Coils threshold
Remark465 threshold
Hot loops threshold

Plot Settings:

Use Java applet for displaying results
Invert background colour
Integrate (GlobPlot like graphs)
Output CASP format

Prediction of low-complexity regions:


Prediction of beta aggregation:

Run Tango
Temperature (Kelvin)
Ionic Strength (M)
TFE concentration (M)
Tango threshold


R. Linding, L.J. Jensen, F. Diella, P. Bork, T.J. Gibson and R.B. Russell
Protein disorder prediction: implications for structural proteomics
Structure Vol 11, Issue 11, 4 November 2003
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Please see the DisEMBL preview paper as well.

Science recently featured DisEMBL in NetWatch

We did a comparative study of protein disorder and beta aggregation.

Thanks to Claus Jensen for developing the Java applet used for displaying the results.

Tango is developed by Luis Serrano at EMBL, please refer to Tango's website for further information.

Remember to also submit your sequence to GlobPlot.